About Neuroseq

NeuroSeq (2012-2016) was an interdisciplinary effort to characterize the transcriptional state of defined neural cell types in fly and mouse using next-generation sequencing and new approaches for purifying individual cell types. NeuroSeq-mouse (presented here) used manual sorting of fluorescently labeled neurons (ref 1) representing >175 different cell types to prepare libraries for Illumina sequencing. Most cell types were isolated from mouse strains produced as part of the GENSAT (ref 2) and Brandeis Enhancer Trap (ref 3) projects. NeuroSeq also contributed to transcriptional analyses of cell types in the hippocampus (ref 4,5) and hypothalamus (ref 6,7). Some of this data is aggregated here together with previously published tissue-specific RNA-seq data (ref 8-11). A paper describing the NeuroSeq resource and resulting analyses is in preparation.


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